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All point codes should have now been given out.

Based on all messages in the lotro geek mailbox and my personal one, all point codes have been given out. If you see yourself on our page of winners and have not received codes please shoot me a mail and I’ll get you taken care of!

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List of LOTRO Players



Good idea! If you play Lord of the Rings Online, reblog this post with your server and player name (or at least your favorites, if you use multiples.) So, for starters: 

Server: Imladris 

Player: Hithaerel

we have a whole list over at lotrogeek if you want to check it out! I’ll go ahead and reblog with my personal info, too!

Server: Brandywine

Player: Meryyl, Lyyla, Kathryyn

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Hi Everyone,

Mairontheadmirable here. I have two updates (sort of) to announce.

  1. I haven’t heard from Burton p3ngu1nman since Friday afternoon, but I’m sure he’s working on sending out codes to those that are still lacking. On that front, there is nothing I can do as I am simply a mod here and not the founder, nor contest promoter. If I could give out the points, I would gladly do so. I know we keep asking for patience and I am truly sorry.
  2. The second announcement is one I have been waiting on making until I could speak with the other lotrogeek mod, and Burton, the founder. Unfortunately, a few days have passed and I have not heard from either so I am going to go ahead and make the announcement anyway. I am stepping down from modding lotrogeek. It has been a great year and a half helping run the community, but I think my time here has come to an end. I will still continue playing lotro, and help support the lotro community, but will do so from my own, secondary tumblr blog dedicated to the game ( lotrolately ). I want to thank Burton for having me on as a mod, and thank the bloggers for fostering such a great and grand community. I’m sure Burton and @middle-earthbender will do a fantastic job without me!

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The following people could not be reached and need to contact me for their prize:

IF FOR ANY REASON you feel that a code has been sent out in error or you did not receive the code and you are NOT one of the people above, please shot my personal account a message and I’ll get you taken care of.  

I need to say this as I’ve had people try to do this before:  please do not use the code and then tell me it doesn’t work.  I call Turbine to see what is wrong with the code I am issued and if they tell me that the code was used by you, you will be blacklisted from all future contests.  You all do marvelous work and I would hate for that to happen.

Personal note: Thank you to everyone that has reached out and offered their sympathies about my father.  I really appreciate it.

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OKAY GUYS! We finally have it here, the contest winners!

In “third place,” the contestants receiving a prize of ~600TP (more if it’s a bonus tp weekend during purchase), in no particular order:

Second and first place announcements under the cut for ~DRAMA~!

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Alright everyone! The purchase is going through right now and I will e sending out points as follows:
First Place: 28,000 points
Second Place: 7,500 points
Third Place: 1,550 points

Points will be going out shortly once I organize all the codes!

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Points going out.

Hello everyone, points have been worked out and winners will be contacted tomorrow between 12 and 2 tomorrow with codes!